Four Ideas to be FOR Your Community During COVID-19

By: Jeff Henderson - Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church

Jeff Henderson - Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church

Social Distancing doesn’t mean we can’t help. In fact, now is our moment.

Now is our moment to bring hope, strength, and peace.

We can act. We can lead. We can serve.

So, let’s do this together.

I’m going to provide a few ideas of how we can show our communities we are FOR them during this season. But we need your ideas, collectively. Sure, we may not be able to do all of these ideas. That’s not the point. The point is to pick one or a few, and act.

It’s a whole lot better than worrying.

Okay, here we go. Four Ideas to be FOR your community during COVID-19.

1. Buying online gift cards to support local businesses.

I am featuring local business leaders on my Instagram page and asking people to support them by purchasing online gift cards. The downside of this idea is that not every business has an e-commerce option and it doesn’t apply to every business. However, don’t let that stop you. For ideas, check out my Instagram page at @jefferyhenderson.

2. Support your local food bank.

As you know, school closures are impacting children who depend on lunch programs. One of the ways we are partnering with our local food bank is to explore food drop-offs in the form of a drive-thru. What options are you exploring to help?

3. Five Phone Calls a Day.

We are asking the team at Gwinnett Church to call five people in our church a day as a way to check-in and to ask how we can pray for them. These phone calls are an important way to pastor and shepherd people while also abiding by social distancing protocols.

4. Leverage your Social Media Platforms to support the Community.

Yes, we definitely need to stream our Sunday worship experiences online, but leveraging technology has far greater potential than just that. Our churches and organizations need to become voices of hope, clarity, and communication. Re-tweet messages or updates from local charities. Do the same regarding important health updates. One way to look at it leveraging the three platforms most used by churches:

Leverage Twitter for updates.

Leverage Facebook for hope.

Leverage Instagram for support (featuring local business leaders as an example.)

Now, it’s your turn. Let’s go from four ideas to forty, at least.

What ideas can you share to help us all serve and lead our communities during COVID-19?


Jeff Henderson is the lead pastor and leads the staff of both Gwinnett Church Sugar Hill and Gwinnett Church Hamilton Mill (Georgia) in its day-to-day operations and in discerning the ministry needs of those who attend both of the Gwinnett Church campuses and those who live in the community. Jeff is the author of "Know What You're FOR"


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