"First and Forever" - Bob Casciola and Jon Land - PODCAST EXCLUSIVE

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Bob Casciola has had quite a life in the game of football.  Deep and broad, he's seen it all.

We first met Bob 13 years ago when he became a national selection committee member of the Wuerffel Trophy where he's been such a huge supporter of the award.

Last year, he was encouraged to write a book about his life in the game.  After giving it some thought, he decided not only to do just that, but leveraging the people and experiences that he encountered over the years, he would target his book on the case for football.  Given the topics that are swirling around football in the media, social media and the water cooler world, Bob decided to write about many of the good things and deeds that have come from, and are still coming from, the game of football.

We recently spent some time with both Bob and author Jon Land, who are working together on the book which is appropriately titled, "First and Forever - Making the Case for the Future of Football."  It is their first public interview about their journey that has uncovered so many incredible stories.

Take a listen to our exclusive discussion with them.  Then, mark your calendars for August 30, 2018, the release book's official release date.

Oh, and don't miss chapter 20.  It's on Danny Wuerffel and the Wuerffel Trophy!


Why was the Wuerffel Trophy created?  We felt that there was a void in major college football awards. Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel put it best when he wrote, “The Wuerffel. It’s about time. There’s an award for the best quarterback, best running back, wide receiver, best linebacker, best center and even best kicker and punter. Why not one for the best human being?”


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