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Mark Richt – 2017 Keynote Address

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Danny Wuerffel


Kirk Herbstreit – 2014 Banquet Keynote Speaker

 “It was incredible. It’s so great to see there are still communities out there where the folks come together and they help raise their youth together. It kind of reminds me of how I grew up back in the 70’s.”


2014 Allstate Sugar Bowl – Rece Davis

 “And the leadership guy, the role falls to Gabe Ikard, their superb, All-American Center, winner of the Wuerffel Trophy…”


Bobby Bowden and Don Yaeger

“This is the ‘Walter Payton Man of the Year Award’ for college football.”


Tim Brando

“There’s no greater trophy within the intercollegiate athletic world than you can say has to do with character than the Wuerffel Trophy.”


Dale Brown and Les Miles of LSU

“There’s none better than this.”


Wuerffel Trophy on The Tim Brando Show


Urban Meyer

“Of all of awards that Tim has received, this is the one that has the most significance.”


Wuerffel Trophy Mention During Chiefs vs Saints Game

“The Wuerffel Trophy has become, I think, after the Heisman Trophy, I think everyone begins to now think about the Wuerffel Trophy.”


Wuerffel Trophy on WIAT CBS Channel 42 Birmingham


Bill Curry

 “Humility, Danny Wuerffel has it and at this moment lives it in such a manner that lives, mine included, are being impacted in a powerful way.”


Mike Gottfried, ESPN

“This award will honor a young man who can be a role model for other young men that are watching around the country. College football, college basketball, college baseball. Danny Wuerffel stood for that kind of excellence.”

Dick Enberg


“Wuerffel’s credentials as an academician, a great athlete and more importantly being able to give back when so many of our athletes do take well, here’s a guy that gave and gave so generously to his student body, his community and he continues to do just that.”