Upcoming All Sports Presidents – PODCAST EXCLUSIVE

49th and 50th All Sports Presidents Join Us On Our Podcast

Future All Sports Presidents Lee Lewis (2019) and Bernard Johnson (2018) enjoy a moment at the 2017 All Sports Fish Fry during banquet week (photo Wuerffel Trophy)

Being the president of the All Sports Association is a big job.  Working with an all volunteer staff and bringing everyone together to pull off the largest banquet in Northwest Florida annually is an enormous feat.

The All Sports Association’s Annual Awards Banquet, where the Wuerffel Trophy has been presented since 2006, is now nationally known and recognized not only for the incredible evening provided for its patrons and sponsors, but the charitable support it lends to the youth of the Emerald Coast.

The 2 upcoming presidents of the association, Bernard Johnson and Lee Lewis, took some time with us recently on our podcast to discuss the purpose of the organization, it’s selflessness in serving others in the community, and what goes on behind the scenes to make not only the awards banquet work, but also, the many other events that are hosted by the association¬†during banquet week and throughout the year.

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