“Strive” – Tim Hiller – PODCAST EXCLUSIVE

2009 Wuerffel Trophy Winner Tim Hiller

We recently spent a few minutes catching up with 2009 Wuerffel Trophy recipient Tim Hiller from Western Michigan.

Tim shared with us how he found his passion for football at an early age.  It might surprise you who got him motivated.

He also discusses his thoughts and feelings about the Wuerffel Trophy, and its significance.

Finally, Tim shares with us what he’s been doing since college.  He’s been a busy man lately, working with young athletes in his Next Level Performance Academy, and has also authored a book entitled “Strive” which will be released on October 1.

Strive can be preordered at TimHiller.com or at Amazon.com.

Tim Hiller with the Indianapolis Colts

He also encourages everyone to sign up for the Strive Challenge, a once a week for 6 weeks devotional “pregame” to the book’s release.   Find out more at TimHiller.com.

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