You know when you are part of something special

By: Bob Sheridan of Herff Jones

Bob Sheridan and Pete Slamkowski of Herff Jones (middle) with 2008 Wuerffel Trophy Winner Tim Tebow and Danny Wuerffel

College football brings out the very best in our country’s young men. Many of us can recite tales of the excellence that occurs on the field of play.  But what if I told you that there is a group of college football players whose excellence extends to all aspects of their lives?  Not only that, but there is an organization that recognizes these college football players for being student athletes AND humanitarians.

Since 2006, I have had the pleasure of representing Herff Jones in the sponsorship and support of the Wuerffel Trophy.  By being involved from (almost) the beginning, I have been able to meet all of the winners – who are truly winners in every sense of the word.  These are college football players that graduate early with 4.0 grade point averages. Some of these young men even finish graduate degrees while completing their four years of eligibility. There are college football players who are volunteering to help those less fortunate, including Haitian earthquake victims and the impoverished of Africa.  There are college athletes who prioritize faith and family before football. And, by the way, these are players who are doing all these things while succeeding in college football at the highest level.  This is indeed a special group of men.

There are some other things that make the Wuerffel Trophy special. One is Danny Wuerffel himself – one of the greatest college football players of all time, who is gracious and hospitable while hosting the annual event.  The award presentation is very unique…made during an intimate gathering in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and includes the Wuerffel Trophy Board of Directors, Danny Wuerffel and his family, along with previous winners and their families.  Yes, the previous winners of the award return every year to welcome a new member to their exclusive fraternity.  They offer congratulations and also direction, as these former college football players are active in careers – and more importantly, they are husbands, fathers, and community leaders – consistently putting faith and family in front of football.  This is indeed a special award

The relationship with the Wuerffel Trophy is a perfect match for Herff Jones – as we are privileged to be associated with an organization that truly represents what is great about our young people, our colleges, and our country. We will look forward to next February, when there is certain to be another special winner announced.

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