Broyles Award’s David Bazzel – A Man With Many Hats

Probably the busiest man in all of Little Rock, Arkansas is Mr. David Bazzel. And when he gives you that "I'm a Jack of All Trades and Master of None" line, don't even begin to fall for it. He's not only the Executive Director of the Broyles Award, but also [...]

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Making Headlines While Improving Lives – New Mexico’s Garrett Adcock

By: Audrey Jaramillo and Tamara Williams, — May 04, 2016 Garrett Adcock has been in the news for his intelligence, versatility on the Lobo football field, and most of all, for his extensive community service. Last season, he was the only junior football player in the country enrolled in law [...]

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Charlotte’s Jamal Covington Has No Time for Idle Time

By:  Steve Lyttle, Charlotte Observer An injury might sideline Charlotte 49ers’ offensive lineman Jamal Covington, but it can’t possibly idle him. “Sitting around? No, not me,” Covington, a 6-4, 305-pound redshirt junior says one afternoon after practice. “I just view this as an opportunity to help my teammates. I’m just [...]

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Michigan State’s Josiah Price

Tight end excels on the field, in the classroom and in the community By:  Dean Hockney, Indiana Sports Journal GREENTOWN, Ind. – When Josiah Price graduated from Eastern High School in 2012, many people questioned whether he made the right choice of colleges. After all, coming from a small school [...]

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