Ragin Cajun Renovation

Big Upgrades Taking Place at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette One major project is in underway in Lafayette. The other is about to start. Both have this place buzzing. The first transformation began on December 10, 2010 with the hiring of Mark Hudspeth as head coach.  He's a winner.  [...]

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“An Eagle Never Flew Higher!”

The Taylor Haugen Foundation Outfits the Entire Niceville High School Football Team with EvoShield Rib Protection Shirts On hot July mornings in a high school field house, some things are normal occurrences. The sounds of weights clanging, players yelling and music blaring are standard operating procedure with summer conditioning in [...]

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“You Can’t Hide Character” – Coach Mike Ditka discusses the Wuerffel Trophy – PODCAST EXCLUSIVE

New Orleans Saints Coach Mike Ditka on the sideline. “Retiring” from the game to become a NFL analyst doesn’t mean you slow down.  At least not for Pro Football Hall of Famer, Mike Ditka. “I’m leaving tomorrow to go up there (ESPN) to do something on Coach Lombardi, [...]

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